Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia

Wednesday 4 March


Dear students,

First of all, I would like to emphasise that this time of crisis and alarm that we are experiencing is an opportunity to reflect upon the value of relationships and the meaning of living our everyday life. This is a period of great hardship for some of you, especially for those who have had their dear ones involved or live in the areas most directly affected by the spread of this virus. To them I express all the solidarity of our Faculty.

The Faculty is confident that our educational mission is not limited to the transmission of information, knowledge and skills, but aims at a comprehensive education of the individual. Our University has always focused on students and a direct interaction with professors and lecturers, we believe that classroom teaching is a value to be safeguarded through all possible efforts.

For this reason, the recovery activities that replace and integrate our tuition, will try to deviate as little as possible from this model.

Recovery of suspended lessons of face-to-face instruction
Given the current scenario, if on 15 March the resumption of the teaching activities at the University headquarters is confirmed, the recovery of the suspended lessons will be done with lessons in presence by reviewing the current teaching schedule trying, where possible, to recover face-to-face teaching before the beginning of the summer exam session. For this purpose, the exam sessions may be shifted at a later date.
All professional  internships are active, i.e. the internships of the Health Professions, TPVES and the professional internships Dentistry and Dental Fittings.
The other internships of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery  that do not fall within the above mentioned cases are suspended.
Graduation sessions
The degree sessions of Medicine and Surgery and Medicine & Surgery scheduled in the week from 9  to 13 March are suspended and will be rescheduled from 16 March in telematic mode.

However, I would like to reassure you that the decision-making boards of our University, starting from the Rector and the Academic Senate, the Coordinators of the Study Programmes, all the professors and the technical and administrative staff are committed to finding suitable solutions to deal with any scenario that may arise in the coming weeks and to ensure the smooth running of all teaching activities, lectures, exams, graduate exams, in the way that will be made possible by circumstances.

I am grateful for your unwavering trust in the University and in the Faculty, I wish you all the best in your work.

Best regards,

Rocco Bellantone

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery