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Faculty of Economics

Ready for the 2020-2021 academic year
We are ready to go, ready to start the 2020-2021 academic year.
We have accumulated experience, invested in spaces and technology, guaranteed systems and safety procedures.
Now we are making our quality available.
For the Faculty of Economics, being a University means building, developing, growing, evolving, educating a community of students and teachers whose value is found in the knowledge, the wealth of relationships and the skills that this community is able to express and share.
The current emergency indications - and the physical-technical and social constraints that they bring with them - have strengthened the spread of multi-channel smart learning processes and teaching/learning in order to ensure continuous interaction between academic staff and students and a productive use of available resources (spaces/technologies/times).
All students – not one less – will be able to take part and follow classes and practical sessions

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Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Discovering Università Cattolica’s academic programmes at the Rome campus

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Students on this programme will investigate cutting-edge thinking and develop relevant skills for healthcare management and policy. The Healthcare Management program is structured to achieve a good balance between management, economics and quantitative classes. Classes consist of lectures, discussions and case studies...

The Faculty

The Faculty, established in 1947, belongs to the group of best Italian and European Faculties adjudicated on the quality and depth of provision across all subjects, the comprehensiveness of the syllabuses and the close inter-relationship between research and teaching that enables staff of a high academic excellence to teach the findings that emerge from the research and, consequentially, to guarantee the highest levels of knowledge, learning and competence. The vision of the economy taught and practiced in this Faculty embraces starting the research from the specific and reaching the general in stages: from the person to family units, regional areas and national contexts up to a broad international perspective.