Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Economia

This traineeship programme is available to:

Students (currently enrolled in their second year, or who are repeating it, or who are in their first year beyond the prescribed duration of a degree programme) pursuing a graduate degree programme included in the agreement (both daily and evening courses).

Duration of traineeship

Six months of traineeship are required for a total of 290 hours. The traineeship must start once the student is enrolled in the second year of the degree programme or, at the latest, in the first year outside prescribed programme duration.

If the student has not finished their degree once the 290 hours are completed, he/she may request postponement of the traineeship for the maximum period permitted by the regulations (no later than one year after the end of the normal course of study): they must graduate at the very latest in the final graduation session scheduled in the first year outside prescribed programme duration.

Beyond this time limit the six-month traineeship will be annulled and they will need to undertake an eighteen-month traineeship following their graduation before they can sit state examinations.

Procedures for passing the examination concerning the outcome of professional traineeships

Students who wish to undertake the professional traineeship are required to read and fill in the form available at the Student Services Centre (the “Esami e Prova Finale” section) or at the relevant administrative office within, and no later than, the first day of the traineeship.

After the filled-in form has been received, the students’ study plan will automatically include the professional internship (9 credits). Students must register for their exams according to the regulations (up to four days prior to the exam date). Verification will be provided immediately and, if they have passed the relevant examination, the traineeship programme will be marked as “approved”.

At least 10 days before the chosen call for entry all interested students must send three paper copies (simply bound) of their final internship report for the examination panel to Professor Stefano Villa.

Obligations towards the National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts

Students who wish to suspend their traineeship under the above-mentioned conditions must promptly communicate the start and end dates of the postponement to the Council’s secretary.